about us


Hello! I am glad you came to us. My name is Gevorg. I am a freelancer and a site owner: www.cadauto3d.ru. There is quite a modest story of «Cadauto 3D» studio, and there are also plans for its further development.

The Past: I graduated from art school and the University of Architecture and Construction, and my speciality is Design of Buildings. I have been engaged in freelancing since 2012. The name of the studio (and of the company in the future) was devised in 2014.

The Present: There are more than 30 different projects have already been carried out. The result is: only positive feedback from clients and the experience gained from the cooperation and performance of tasks. It is possible to carry out drafts of architectural projects from scratch, to coordinate every detail of the future building taking into account client’s tastes and preferences. There is also the experience in 3D modeling, graphic and industrial design, etc. We work with client either directly (in the city), or online (via the Internet), which includes social network, and work through remote exchange services, primarily through weblancer.net exchange. At the foot of this page you can find information about our team, and the portfolio of each of us. You can also apply to join our team.

The Future: The objective is to assemble a team of various talented professionals and freelancers; to create a universal studio, which will be able not only to carry out any complex tasks, but also to become a leader in all market segments of chosen creative services.